Ball Ferris Wheel

Rp 289.000,00

Shake the handle, let go of the gears, watch the waterwheel roller coaster bring the marbles to the top, and release them through the track loop. Including wooden ferris wheel set*1, ball*10.

This is an ingeniously designed game. According to the design principle of gear transmission, the toy is moved by rotating gears. Have the opportunity to explain gravity, gears, design, machines, engines and many other concepts. Exercise children's fine motor skills, and cultivate children's interest and hobbies in physical and mechanical knowledge.

The surface is smooth and free of burrs, so there is no need to worry about hurting the skin and hands. Cute cartoons, colorful, promote the baby's visual development and aesthetic training. Embedded base, stable sliding and anti-overturning, safe and durable, easy to install, and comfortable to use. The material is so strong that it can be used for a few years without being damaged.

When children play alone, this is a good toy that can improve their patience and develop independent thinking and practical skills. When children and parents focus on the game, it will become an excellent interactive game that promotes the connection between them. In addition, this delightful Ferris wheel ball game set can be used as a unique home decoration item to add a romantic atmosphere to the house.

This is an ideal creative gift that can surprise boys or girls over 3 years old on birthdays, Christmas, New Year and other prize-winning events, excite the whole family and provide fun and entertainment.